Why choose Mitech Panel?

Why choose Mitech Panel?

>>> Installation of Mitech Sandwich Panel 

>>> What are insulated sandwich panel 

Mitech insulation panel is produced by modern production line of German Standards, We have been serving for many industrial projects such as: A Nam Electronic workshop,  workshops in VSIP Bac Ninh industrial zone, Massan factories in Nghe An…

Currently. there are many companies that provide and install insulation sandwich panel in Vietnam, but with quality proven through each work, Mitech panel has its own place on the market and trusted by customers, investors by the following reasons:

  • Products are manufactured on modern production lines of Germany’s most advanced
  • Experience Engineers, skilled workers
  • The quality of each construction is good, beautiful and durable
  • The best warranty service
  • Quick speed of installing
  • Reasonable costs, we commit to give the best price on the market

We believe that with the quality of products as well as its services, Mitech panel will satisfy  demand of customers.                                               

Installing roof Mitech panel




Installing roof Mitech panel

Installing roof Mitech panel

Panel prefab house (Use insulation panel Mitech)