Partition, Drop Ceiling Panel

Partition, Drop Ceiling Panel

1. Partition, Drop Ceiling Panel : 


2. Specifications:

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1 Structure – The upper and bottom sheets are zinc-plated & color-coated steel sheets, thickness : 0,3-0,6mm-Core material: EPS, Density: 11-40 kg/m3.
2 Width -Wall panel: Effective width:1000mm, Width 1030mm
3 Length -According to customer requirement (<15m transport within)
4 Thickness -Wall panel: 50mm, 75mm, 100mm
5 Color -Blue, Ivory, White, Grey…
6 Applications -It is widely use in office partition, workshops, drop ceiling…

3. Advantages: 

+Inside wall Panel EPS have featured with hot & sound insulation, water roof, light weight, high load capacity, bright color, durable… so it can replace completely drywall, brick wall, wood industry… with many outstanding features.

+ Inside wall Panel EPS carried out by putting sheets together so progress of construction can be shortened, clean…

+ Inside wall Panel EPS save up to 70%  power due to excellent heat isulation.

+ Inside wall Panel EPS can be reused, easy to transport…

4. Pictures: 
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