Panel Prefabricated House

Panel Prefabricated House



1. Introduction:

Prefabricated building also called Panel industrial house, has been used in workshops, ware house, super market, hospital, cold storage…

Our panel prefab house has a light steel structure with sandwich panels for the walls and roof. In order to save space, it is delivered in a knock-down format which can be easily erected by the average worker with simple power tools and the assembly instructions. The structure of the prefabricated house is connected with bolts and the walls are fixed with rivets, the materials are light and easy to pack and transport.
Sandwich panel prefab house can be broken-down and reassembled more than 6 times and has a service life of more than 15 years.

2. Structures:

– Frame, rafter, steel purlins CT3, U section galvanized.

– Roof sandwich panel has 2 outside layers are zinc-plated & color-coated steel sheets, core is foam/ PU with good hot and sound insulation, thickness from 50 mm to 100mm.

– Wall sandwich panel : core PU, EPS… , Accessories: glass cement, self-tapping screws etc. Edge cover: Made from 0.5mm thick, colored sheet steel

– Doors & windows: Rolling door/sliding door PVC/alu/steel window, panel door…

3.  Advantages:

 – Cost saving and convenience to transport.

– Beautiful apprearance, different colors for the wall and the roof

– Fast construction and easy installation

environmentally friendly, have a stable structure, are earthquake resistance, water proof, and energy saving

Has a service life of more than 30 years

4.  Applications:

  • Panel prefabricated industrial house is a new type of building structure system which can be used as office building , construction, mining & military camps , hotel and so on..



Panel house for worker


Panel prefab house