Panel Door

Panel Door

1. Introduction:

Panel doorsare widely used in construction work. They are quite popular for numerous reasons. Panel doors are hard and offer extra beauty to doors of home. There are lots of options available for panel doors. You can easily find panel door with single panel, double panel, three panels, six panels, etc.
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Cửa Panel


Panel door for workshop, ware house, factory…


Panel door Structure

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2. Advantages: 

  • Panel doors are hard and strong
  • They are more elegance and natural beauty.
  • They can be made to any design as architect requirement.
  • They can be made easily in any shape.
  • They also hold up better in the everyday use.
  • They also typically require less maintenance.
  • They are weather proof as compare to other doors.
  • They can be finish with paint or polish as per requirement.
  • They are eco friendly as release no gas as the case of flush
  • They are easy to install.