Aluminum Glass door

Aluminum Glass door

1. Introduction:  

Aluminum Glass doors offer an attractive solution for commercial and industrial applications where visual access, light infiltration and aesthetics are key design considerations. Offered with a variety of stile widths, glazing materials, track styles, and finish options. Ideal for service stations, fire stations, professional facilities and retail environments, our sectional aluminum doors are practical, durable and handsomely styled — and engineered for long life, low maintenance and enduring beauty.



2. Advantages:
• Easy maintenance and operation
• Available in anodised finish, in a range of powder coated colours, or in wood-look coatings.
• Can be fitted with a wide range of glass options – with different characteristics, thicknesses and colours
• Available in custom sizes, up to extremely large sizes
• various innovative styles including folding, sliding and rotating doors
• High performance, long service life
• Resistant against corrosion, distortion and other harmful effects of the environment
• Well insulated against sound and inclement weather
• Most aluminium window systems can be repaired if required

•They can have various security features:  burglar resistant, fire resistant and bullet resistant



Aluminum glass door used in factory


Aluminum glass door used in office